Establish a Fund

Creating a Foundation of Greater Montréal endowment fund is the same as establishing your own personal foundation, without having to worry about management or administration.

Significant Advantages

Simplicity, Flexibility

  • We will help you create a fund that is best suited to your goals and to your financial situation.
  • We will oversee the management and administration of your fund.
Efficiency, Impact
  • Your fund will be managed by professionals in order to generate competitive returns.
  • You will enjoy important tax benefits and reduced administrative costs.
  • You will benefit from our expertise to target those causes that will maximize the impact of your donation.
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Benefits for everyone

For individual
An endowment fund will allow you to perpetuate your philanthropic involvement long after your death, and to transmit your humanitarian values to your offspring.

  • You can choose the area or organizations that will benefit from your generosity.
  • You can create a fund in your own name, in honour of someone else, a family, or an event.
For charitable organization
Creating an endowment fund within the FGM
is an opportunity to:
  • Support their charitable activities;
  • Entrust the FGM with the management of an existing fund.
For business
Establishing an endowment fund within the FGM is a great way to:
  • Consolidate their social involvement;
  • Support their charitable activities;
  • Delegate financing requests and the management of their funds to specialists.

“I set up a fund at the FGM because, in addition to offering a number of fund options, the FGM’s structure is flexible and simple. The Moreault Family foundation Fund is a donor-advised fund, in honour of my father and son. Each year, I can recommend the sector or organisations that will benefit from the revenues generated by my fund. These revenues will be granted to organisations dedicated to medical research and to the care of sick children.” – Patrick Moreault
“My husband, Ke Chin Jimmy Ho was a successful businessman. His whole life was devoted to his work. It is with as much passion, determination, and courage that he fought an illness that was diagnosed too late. I wanted to create this fund in my husband’s name to preserve his memory and this values. I dedicate this fund to the health sector, more specifically to cancer research and diagnosis, and to support cancer victims and their families.” – Lisa Ho