Giving to the FGM

Whether you are an individual, a family, or a business, the Foundation of Greater Montreal can help you meet your philanthropic goals.

Whatever the type or amount of your gift to the Foundation, be assured that it will be managed in a rigorous and professional way, and that it will help further the cause you have chosen. Our goal is to offer you all the flexibility you need to create the fund that best suits you.

Many ways to give

  • You can contribute to an existing fund or create your own endowment fund.
  • You have the choice of giving now or, for example, arranging a bequest donation.
  • The FGM accepts cash donations, equity securities, life insurance policies, RRSPs, RRIFs, and other types of donations.

A sustainable gift for the community
Your commitment will always live on, since the capital from an endowment fund is protected in perpetuity. Only the income is distributed to charitable organizations. This will allow your fund, over the years, to grant many times over the amount of the starting capital. We also offer the possibility to create a philanthropic fund with capital encroachment. You choose the term, from one year to perpetuity.

A significant impact
The depth of our community roots allows us to identify issues and challenges. Thus, we can help you choose the organization or the field that will allow you to have the greatest impact on the cause you take to heart. No matter the type of fund you decide to create, you will know that your gift will contribute to meet the most important needs in the Greater Montreal area.

For more information or for any question, please contact us.

Rest assured that any action you take will be kept strictly confidential.

More on the types of funds

“I chose to create a designated fund with the FGM in order to centralize the monies I could contribute both during my lifetime and by means of bequests upon my death. I also believe that the FGM’s corporate structure assures me of the organisation’s continuity and that my last wishes will be respected. The capital that accumulates in the designated fund will be preserve in perpetuity and only the interest generated by the invested capital will be distributed each year, in accordance with my wishes.” – Pierre Comtois,
Micheline et Pierre L. Comtois Fund
“Thanks to this fund, we truly feel we will build something which, over time, will have a genuine, longstanding impact on our community.” – Harrison Family