“As with volunteer work, community foundations give me a chance to get involved, to realize that I can make a contribution and make things happen. That’s why I wanted to create this fund during my lifetime. I also hope that with this fund, my heirs will acquire the taste and means for philanthropy.” – Guy Tiphane

Since 1999, the Foundation of Greater Montreal (FGM) has contributed to the well-being and vitality of the community, while assuring donors that their generosity permanently benefits causes that are dear to their hearts.

The FGM supports initiatives in the following areas:

  • Arts and culture
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health and well-being
  • Social development

A Long-term Gift
Gift Funds entrusted to the FGM are permanently invested and only their income is distributed to the Greater Montréal community. Whatever the size of your gift or the cause you choose to support, your generosity will benefit the community in perpetuity.

A Unifying Effect
The FGM is busy building bridges between philanthropists and the Greater Montréal community. It maintains strong ties with the foundations that helped create it, and with other organizations that have joined as active charitable partners. For more information

Solid Foundations
The FGM is one of more than 700 active community foundations in Canada and the United States. As the most dynamic philanthropic sector, community foundations respond in a flexible and efficient way to the needs of donors and charitable organizations.

Community foundations are collective tools that pool endowment funds and use the investment income to make grants. They also provide leadership — monitoring their area's quality of life and gathering people, ideas, and resources to help build stronger and more resilient communities.

Our Mission
The Foundation of Greater Montreal helps individuals, families, and organizations establish philanthropic funds for their selected causes in the areas of education, health, social development, arts and culture, and the environment. The FGM manages the assets of the philanthropic funds and guides donors by identifying the most pressing issues in the community and the organizations and activities that support them. It also actively promotes the development of philanthropy as an important lever for the well-being of the community in Greater Montreal.

Our Vision
The Foundation of Greater Montreal contributes to the dynamism of Greater Montreal through its significant assets in philanthropic funds, its strategy, its innovative philanthropic activities, and its success in bringing together society’s key players to help promote a stronger community.

Integrity, Commitment, Expertise, and Sustainable Development