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The Foundation of Greater Montréal Awards $455 000 to 50 community organizations

The FGM-sponsored projects are notable for their diversity and originality. Among them:

Farm Project, Camp Amy Molson Inc.: the garden was expanded to approximately 0.5 acre so children can connect with nature while learning how to grow healthy food and appreciate the role of our environment in the process. In addition, surplus produce is turned over to food banks to foster community spirit.

Agora, Le Centre Communautaire Bon Courage de Place Benoit: a program intended to foster communty spirit among youth between the ages of 12 and 24.

Money Financial Literacy Project, Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de Côte-des-Neiges: workshops, training sessions, conferences, and financial literacy education for youth, dealing with topics such as saving and investing wisely, being responsible in using credit and money, and making of informed financial decisions affecting their families and future.

idAction@Refuges, Exeko: workshops for homeless people that aim to develop and strengthen their reflexes, help with their understanding of how society works and provide them with a positive community experience.

Tournée de concerts, Société pour les arts en milieux de santé: a series of oncerts presented by professional musicians designed to entertain residents in 65 health establishments in Montréal, Laval and Longueuil.


About the community Grants Program

The purpose of the Grants Program is to provide funding for projects or program-based initiatives that aim to improve the quality of life in Greater Montréal. It is aimed at community organizations that promote participation and seek collaborative solutions in association with other local organizations. The Program is supported by donors who have created funds, and who either allow the FGM to distribute their proceeds as it sees fit or who direct the FGM to support organizations in specific areas. Interested organizations may apply for grants on line through the FGM’s website. Their requests are evaluated by a selection committee. Of the 300 organizations that filed a request in 2013, 50 were selected. The complete list is available on the FGM Website. (


About the Foundation of Greater Montréal

The Foundation of Greater Montréal is a charitable organization dedicated to the well-being of the Greater Montréal community. To that end, it establishes and manages endowment funds and distributes their income in the form of grants to local charitable organizations working in the areas of health, social development, arts and culture, education, and the environment. The FGM currently manages over 400 funds worth over $144 million. To date, the FGM has distributed grants totalling over $10 million to non-profit organizations in the Greater Montréal area.


For more information:

Diane Bertrand, Director, Grants

(514) 866-0808, ext. 102