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Léo Bureau-Blouin Donates One-Quarter of his Salary to an Endowment Fund to Support Organizations in his Riding

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MONTREAL, February 11, 2013
- Léo Bureau-Blouin, MNA of Laval-des-Rapides and Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier (Youth Program) honours the commitment he made during his recent election campaign to donate one-quarter of his gross salary to organizations within his constituency.

Thanks to the establishment of an endowment fund with the Foundation of Greater Montreal (FGM), which businesses in his riding will also be invited to contribute to, the National Assembly MNA will offer considerable support to local organizations in Laval-des-Rapides. “The majority of Laval organizations are concentrated in Laval-des-Rapides,” says Mr. Bureau-Blouin, “and I feel a responsibility to help them further their mission. I would like my gesture to rally other stakeholders in my community to develop a philanthropic network in Laval. The FGM is a perfect fit for the goal I envisioned in creating this fund, that of supporting local organizations working in different sectors".

The FGM, a member of Community Foundations of Canada, is honoured to manage the fund created by Mr. Bureau-Blouin. The Foundation specializes in the creation of such funds, and in ensuring their sustainability. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the FGM, Mr. Richard W. Pound, meets Mr. Bureau-Blouin at 9:30 this morning to officially sign the agreement relating to the creation of the fund.

Mr. Bureau-Blouin will take this opportunity to announce the appointment of the Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the fund, Mr. Bernard Landry, ex-premier of Québec. For the sake of transparency, Mr. Bureau-Blouin will have no say in the selection of organizations that receive support, and no influence over the Advisory Committee. Says Mr. Bureau-Blouin: «I am announcing the Chairman of the Committee on this Monday morning. It is a great honour for me to know that this public figure, who Quebecers are particularly fond of, has agreed to chair the committee». Mr. Bureau-Blouin will answer questions relating to the fund after the press briefing.

About the FGM

The Foundation of Greater Montreal ( is a charitable organization dedicated to the well- being of the Greater Montreal community. It establishes and manages permanent endowment funds and distributes their income in the form of grants to charitable organizations working in the areas of health, social services, arts and culture, education, and the environment. The FGM currently manages more than 350 funds worth over $135 million. Since its creation, it has distributed grants totalling almost $9 million to non-profit organizations in the Greater Montreal area.

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Source: Foundation of Greater Montreal

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