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March 2014 - A Word from the CEO

A plan to nurture dynamism, vitality and solidarity in Greater Montreal
By Yvan Gauthier

Created at the dawn of the 21st century, the Foundation of Greater Montreal has since experienced a tremendous growth: it now manages more than 420 endowment funds (FGM-owned or owned by other charitable organizations) representing a value of $ 158M, which makes it one of the 12 most important community foundations in Canada. Last year, thanks to the generosity of donors, the FGM was able to distribute $ 2.9 M in grants to local charitable organizations, reflecting our strong will to take part in projects dedicated to the well-being of citizens.

In the fall of last year, with these results in mind, FGM management gave itself the challenge to set the broad direction and the development goals of the FGM leading to 2017 – a year which will be punctuated by several landmark events and, hopefully, by the completion of many major projects for the Greater Montreal. In developing our strategic plan, one important goal was to support the citizens and community organizations wishing to leave a lasting imprint of their commitment to a better Greater Montreal.

On February 27th, it is with great pride that I presented the FGM’s 2014-2017 strategic plan, as adopted by our board of directors, to funds creators, donors and representatives of partner organizations. The 120 people present commented, with great relevance, on the mission, the new vision, values, orientations and major objectives of the FGM.

In addition to an engaging discussion on our strategic plan (which also revealed our intention to optimize the FGM’s governance and management), the meeting allowed me to consult the organizations on a new version of our Community Grants Program. The new program, which reflects certain aspects of our strategic plan, would consist of three distinct parts. One of them, entitled "Lever for Greater Montreal " aims to support new community initiatives in the 2017 perspective. The comments we received encourage us to go forward with this proposal. The information on the 2014 Community Grants Program will be online in early April.

Because it is both a major lever for “sustainable” philanthropy through the development of endowment funds as well as a generator of ever-growing community involvement in crucial areas such as health, education, arts and culture, environment and social development, the FGM is truly special and unique in the way it fosters solidarity. More than ever, we want to make the FGM a place of openness and transparency, of fruitful partnerships and of efficient philanthropy, all in the respect of our four values: integrity, expertise, commitment and sustainable development. That is how we intend to feed the dynamism and vitality of the Greater Montreal leading up to 2017 and beyond.