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Michael Novak donates $ 2.6 M to the FGM

On May 29th, 2014, following our AGM, we recognized the very generous contribution of one FGM pioneer, Mr. Michael Novak, who donated $ 2,634,703 to the organization earlier this spring. This important donation was added to Mr. Novak’s donor-advised fund, created in 2011. The revenue generated by this fund is distributed annually in the form of grants to local community organizations recommended by Mr. Novak.

Involved with the FGM for many years, Mr. Novak has been a board member since 2011 and is active within FGM volunteer committees. “For many years, I have been wanting to confirm my support to the FGM with a large donation", explained Mr. Novak. "I very much believe in the community foundation model: it promotes philanthropy by the community, for the community and brings charitable organizations the lasting support that they need. The FGM is still young. It has only touched the surface of what it can do to create more solidarity and more opportunities to improve people’s lives.”

Thank you very much Mr. Novak for a donation that will do good, forever.

Mr. Michael Novak, (center) with Mr. Yvan Gauthier, FGM Chief Executive Officer (left) and Mr. Richard W. Pound, FGM Chair (right).