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Montreal, Thursday, November 13, 2014 – As part of National Philanthropy Day, observed
Canada-wide, today the Foundation of Greater Montreal brought together nearly 400 people
to take stock of the state of active philanthropy and the challenges it faces due to evergrowing
needs in Greater Montreal and Quebec as a whole. At a meeting in downtown
Montreal, participants also learned about several initiatives undertaken by groups supported
by the Foundation.

Speaking to workers, donors, foundation managers and private-sector representatives
assembled in the Gesù theatre in downtown Montreal, the FGM’s President and CEO, Yvan
Gauthier, stressed the ever-increasing need for philanthropy and patronage. “What would
become of our major hospitals, museums and universities without donors’ contributions?
Where would we be in the fight against poverty and social marginalization without all the
volunteers who work for charities dedicated to the betterment of the community?” he said.
Mr. Gauthier added that “we owe our thanks to all those who give, and we salute our
citizens’ commitment to improving society.”

Referring to the results of studies released during the event, Mr. Gauthier reminded the
participants that charitable contributions were recently estimated at “more than $10 billion in
money and more than 2.1 billion hours of time, or 1.1 million work days. These are
impressive numbers. More than 84% of Canadians and Quebecers give their time and
money. They come from all walks of life and every generation, and they start at an early
age,” Mr. Gauthier noted.

With several recognized experts in philanthropy participating, the meeting provided an
opportunity to reflect on the future of the evolving sector, while taking an in-depth look at
questions such as the major trends in today’s “cautiously optimistic philanthropic world” in
Quebec and the rest of Canada. Among other things, the discussions touched on the
opportunities available to charities, and questions related to generational differences among

The meeting also provided an opportunity to learn more about some of the inspiring projects
supported by the Foundation’s Community Grants Program. Participants heard presentations
by several different active philanthropy groups and their representatives, including the David
Suzuki Foundation, Wapikoni mobile, the West Island Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi, Logis
Rose-Virginie, Pour 3 Points and La Maison bleue. Mr. Gauthier took the opportunity to
announce that in October 2015, the Foundation will publish the results of its analysis of
Greater Montreal’s “vital signs” and reminded the participants that philanthropy is everyone’s
business. “Philanthropy is multifaceted and active. It is transformed by new initiatives that
take it to new places. We also need to support the various initiatives that encourage the
growth of patronage in all its forms,” Mr. Gauthier reminded the audience.

About the FGM
The Foundation of Greater Montreal is a charitable organization dedicated to the well-being
of the Greater Montreal community. It establishes and manages permanent endowment
funds and distributes their income in the form of grants to charitable organizations working in
the areas of health, social development, arts and culture, education and the environment.


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