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December 2014 : Word from the CEO

So much accomplished in just 15 years and much more to come!

By Yvan Gauthier

In early 2000, the FGM founders were few, but their wholehearted commitment to the Foundation’s mission propelled it in ways they may not have even realized. The growth of the Foundation of Greater Montreal has been rapid and surprising, and today the assets it manages total $175M. This figure is all the more impressive when one considers that just three years ago, assets stood at just $115M. I wish to thank all of our donors, who continually demonstrate their confidence in the management of the FGM and its impact on the community. 

Our first 15 years have not only enabled the FGM to build a sound financial base and solid infrastructure (starting in 2015, donors will be able to go online to consult the statements for the funds they have created) and to also establish ties with the community that grow stronger each year. The distribution of more than $16M in grants to over 600 organizations in Greater Montreal, the creation of community funds, and the publication of six editions of Vital Signs have all made the FGM a major contributor to the betterment of Greater Montreal.

The FGM expects 2015 to be another landmark year: we will expand our activities to the entire  region, including Montreal’s North and South Shores; new partnerships will enhance the creation of funds; our communications will place greater emphasis on community issues; and we will publish a keenly awaited seventh edition of Vital Signs. More than ever, the FGM is one of the positive forces working in Greater Montreal to build a community capable of meeting today’s challenges!