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400 people talk innovation on National Philanthropy Day

400 people talk innovation

on National Philanthropy Day


“Innovative approaches to philanthropy are making

community-based projects more successful.”

– Yvan Gauthier

MONTRÉAL, November 12, 2015 – To mark National Philanthropy Day, an event being celebrated by many people across the country, the Foundation of Greater Montréal hosted a gathering of 400 people for discussions on the subject of innovation in this field. “Our Vital Signs 2015 report illustrates how Greater Montréal is going through a transformation, and this trend requires us to re-think the ways we operate and the traditional models that no longer produce the results we expect,” stated Yvan Gauthier, President and CEO of the Foundation of Greater Montréal. “Philanthropy is an integral part of the social and cultural development of Greater Montréal, and there too it is important for us to discover new kinds of leadership, especially among young people, to generate new initiatives and partnerships that will support major causes.”

During the meeting, many different organizations and experts related how they are bringing new types of philanthropic projects into the community:

·         John Cawley, Vice President, J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

·         Dominic Gagnon, IT and new media entrepreneur

·         Josianne Robert, assistant professor in workplace training, University of Montréal

·         Christian Casanova, director of optometry, University of Montréal

·         Véronique Houle, director of national operations, Doctors of the World Canada

·         Kathy Casey, artistic director, and Charlotte Calais, administration and development director, Montréal Danse

·         Daphné Mailloux-Rousseau, director, L’Ancre des jeunes.


An inspiring story: the creation of the Julie Thorn Fund

The Foundation of Greater Montréal took the opportunity at the National Philanthropy Day gathering to share an inspiring story. It goes back to February 21, 2012, the day on which a 16-year-old girl named Julie Thorn died at Polyvalente Deux-Montagnes after going into cardiac arrest. Not long after this tragic event, Marie-Hélène Proulx, a student then aged 19, and Marie-Hélène Thorn, the sister of Julie, created the Julie Thorn Fund. Their objective: provide schools with automated external defibrillators (AED) and deliver training on cardiovascular resuscitation (CPR). The fund was created in 2012 with an initial investment of $80, and the value has since risen to nearly $15,000 as a result of the many related fund-raising events and activities. Three years later, in consideration of the money raised and the growth of the assets at the FGM, a first donation of $1,235 could be made to the ACT Foundation, a national charitable organization that is establishing free CPR and defibrillator programs in Canadian high schools. This donation will make it possible to install a defibrillator at the first targeted school in 2016.

"The philanthropic community is at a crossroads,” said Yvan Gauthier. “More than ever, we must create different ways of inspiring each other to invest in the betterment of the community. Youth-driven initiatives and new digital media tools for reaching donors are achieving that goal. The creation of the Julie Thorn Fund shows that philanthropy empowers all citizens to devote themselves to a cause that is dear to them, such as honouring the memory of a loved one."

Anyone wishing to support the growth of the Julie Thorn Fund for the purchase of defibrillators can now make a donation via the website of the Foundation of Greater Montréal.

$5.5 million allocated by FGM in 2015

During its third annual celebration of National Philanthropy Day, the Foundation of Greater Montréal announced support of approximately $731,000 for over 55 initiatives through its Community Grants Program. The projects covered by this program relate to early school leaving, the environment, homelessness, mental health, community art, domestic violence and citizen participation. "These 55 projects meet the real needs of the population,” said Mr. Gauthier. “For all of 2015, the FGM distributed a total of more than $5.5 million to nearly 300 organizations. We are proud of this increase of over 25% in grants, compared to 2014."


About the Foundation of Greater Montréal

The Foundation of Greater Montreal helps individuals, families, and organizations establish philanthropic funds for their selected causes in the areas of education, health, social development, arts and culture, and the environment. The FGM manages the assets of the philanthropic funds and guides donors by identifying the most pressing issues in the community and the organizations and activities that support them. It also actively promotes the development of philanthropy as an important lever for the well-being of the community in Greater Montreal.

Since it was founded, more than 15 years ago, the FGM has distributed more than $20 million in grants to more than 1,000 non-profit organizations working in Greater Montréal in all sectors of society. Currently, the FGM manages over 400 funds, with a total value of $178 million. The FGM is a member of Community Foundations of Canada, a network that brings together over 191 community foundations from coast to coast.

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Julie Paquet

Communications Director

Foundation of Greater Montréal

Mobile: 514-996-0323

Media relations:


Olivier Lapierre

Press Officer

Foundation of Greater Montréal

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Twitter @FondationGRMTL


About the Community Grants Program

The Community Grants Program supports initiatives intended to improve the quality of life for individuals and families in the Greater Montréal community through projects in arts and culture, education, environment, health, and social development. The program comprises two components, Community Initiatives and Greater Montréal Key Projects. Our grants are intended for non-profit organizations that work in the Greater Montréal area and are recognized as charitable organizations by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Areas covered by the program

Education: School retention, inclusiveness (diversity)
Environment: Local greening initiatives
Health: Mental health and homelessness
Culture: Community art (artistic activities aimed at vulnerable people or vulnerable neighbourhoods)
Social Development: Family violence; inclusion (community engagement)

Supported projects for 2015



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(sclérodermie) du Québec Inc.

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Programme de soutien et de services aux personnes
atteintes de sclérodermie et leurs proches aidants

Medical Services Expansion Project