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On the occasion of our Third National Philanthropy Day event, held on November 12, several engaging presentations were made. Here is a summary of the major themes:

Presentation by John Cawley, Vice President J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation supports community mobilization projects based on social innovation approaches known as "Innoweave". Through knowledge platforms, workshops and targeted measures that strengthen institutions, the Foundation stimulates positive social change—and even financial benefits—in the community. 
Collective institutional strengthening needs to be done to support the young people who are the source for original new initiatives.

View the presentation by John Cawley

Presentation by Dominic Gagnon, IT and new media entrepreneur
Dominic Gagnon recommends a game-based and personalized approach to donation campaigns, one that increases the sense of belonging among donors and generates momentum through word-of-mouth and social media buzz. According to Mr. Gagnon, associating the concept of a rewarding customer experience with that of philanthropy is the kind of innovative approach that is very attractive for younger generations, who want to be more involved so that their commitment resonates with deeper personal meaning. Mr. Gagnon spoke about "gamification" as a differentiating tool, a little like the new video games where participants are more actively involved.
With social media, we can multiply the effect of a donation by creating social pressure through the donor’s network. We also need to get people out of their comfort zone, he said, so they take risks and do not fear the kind of failure which may actually train them to reach success in the future.

He ended his presentation by saying that those who cannot innovate are bound to disappear. Innovation is not only necessary, but must be profitable. To do good, we must first do well.
View the presentation by Dominic Gagnon

Presentation by Gabriel Bran Lopez, Fusion Jeunesse.
For Gabriel Lopez, every adult in society has a role to play in children's education. Fusion Jeunesse has developed projects for 92 schools in Quebec. Their objective is the acquisition of professional expertise in various fields by young people. Youths are shown that they have personal skills they can use to take control of their lives. Fusion Jeunesse instils in them a sense of commitment to the work they perform, and builds their confidence on the basis of tangible achievements.