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Our expertise is making a difference in Haiti!

The Foundation of Greater Montréal will help to establish the first community foundation in Haiti.
At the Forum on Haiti that was held from December 7 to 9, 2015 in Pétionville, the Foundation of Greater Montreal represented Canadian community foundations and provided expert advice and support regarding the establishment of Haiti’s first community foundation. 
Inspired by models elsewhere in the world, a local group is currently setting up a community foundation for Haiti, intending to make it an indispensable platform for effective and sustainable development in the country.

Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), a network that supports emerging community foundations, was represented at this forum by Diane Bertrand, Director, Programs and Grants, Foundation of Greater Montréal. 

The sixty local and international participants were representatives from the Project ESPWA Haitian Community Foundation Initiative Network, and from the Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy (GACP), whose members include the Aga Khan Foundation, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Kenya Community Development Foundation and the Global Fund for Community Foundations. They all gathered on this occasion to discuss the proposed establishment of a first community foundation in Haiti.