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An innovative service centre for Park Extension students and families

The Foundation of Greater Montréal is proud to contribute to the financing of L’extension, a new centre whose mission is to innovate in education and health for children and their families residing in Park Extension. Located at the Barclay School, the centre is the result of a collaboration between three units of the University of Montréal: the Faculty of Educational Sciences, the Faculty of Dentistry and the School of Optometry. 

In Park Extension, which ranks as the most disadvantaged district in Quebec, nearly 35% of young people obtain no high-school diploma or vocational qualifications (the percentage is 20% for the whole of metropolitan Montréal). Moreover, in Quebec, the rate of cavities is double in children aged 5 and 6 from low-income families when compared with the rate observed in children from wealthier families.

L’extension offers a variety of treatments and services to the community. They include remedial education for students at primary, secondary and even college level; preventive and basic dental care; and optometry checkups, since detection and correction of eye disorders can greatly improve learning ability and promote screening for neurological disorders.

In addition, the multidisciplinary and supervised milieu for medical practice at this centre benefits students from the three participating faculties. It allows them to make meaningful contact with people in the Park Extension community and improve their understanding of each family’s living environment. Third, the centre will produce scientific research data that improves our understanding of how to deliver better care to disadvantaged communities.