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Christiane and Félix Furst Entrust Their Philanthropic Projects to the FGM

From left to right: Mr. Félix Furst, Mrs. Christiane Furst and Mr. Yvan Gauthier, President and CEO of the Foundation of Greater Montréal.

The Foundation of Greater Montréal (FGM) is delighted to announce the creation of a new philanthropic fund aimed at making immediate and measurable solutions possible. More specifically, the Christiane and Félix Furst Foundation Fund will be used to realize such initiatives as athlete sponsorship, the awarding of academic bursaries, and the purchase of medical equipment. “We wish to make a significant and tangible social impact,” underlines Mr. Furst. “In view of our desire to act immediately, if we’re giving to a hospital, for example, we prefer to invest in equipment so as to boost the establishment’s capacity right away.” The amounts awarded could also serve as an important lever for various donors, foundations and institutions that share the same objectives.

Simplifying the Life of Donors 

Determined from the outset to direct their own philanthropic actions, Mr. and Mrs. Furst quickly came to see the benefits of their association with the FGM. “Wanting to put a foundation into place, it soon became clear to us that the establishment and proper management of such an entity would require a great deal of work and involvement,” explains Mrs. Furst. “So our meeting with the FGM was really timely.”

Moreover, it is possible to be directly involved in the distribution of the grants from a fund. The FGM awards grants in accordance with specific objectives established by fund creators and allow them to conduct any desired follow-ups. For their part, Mr. And Mrs. Furst were able to choose the organizations and individuals that would receive grants from their fund, as well as the selection criteria to be used. “With the FGM managing our fund,” concludes Mrs. Furst, “even one sole meeting per year is sufficient to allow us to keep tabs on our grant projects.” 

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