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A Vital Signs project designed for children

Since 2006, the Foundation of Greater Montreal (FGM) has published the Vital Signs reports, which measure Greater Montréal’s vitality. Given the major impact of the 2015 edition of Vital Signs and the 2017 celebrations, we decided to focus this year’s project on children.

Together with 29 organizations involved in the production of the report, the FGM set out various conditions for success from the start of the process. One of these—getting children involved in the reflection—actually ended up modifying the scope and content of our activities.

In partnership with Concordia University and the Université de Montréal, the FGM put together six groups of young people with various profiles and from different backgrounds to discuss Montreal's “vital signs.” This exchange of ideas occurred using a broad range of media.

The Vital Signs report is the product of this extensive shared reflection and includes documentation on 10 sustainable development goals (SDGs). The framework used in UNICEF’s Report Card 14, which evaluates 41 industrialized countries, inspires these. Among other things, our report goes into great depth and offers a different (and even surprising) perspective on children’s issues in Greater Montréal, including health, education and environmental concerns. Following publication of the report, the FGM will hold panel discussions on the major issues laid out. However, the scope of the 2017 edition goes well beyond the report and these panel discussions.

The children’s contributions were so great that we are publicly raising the issue of children’s participation in solving not only problems in their own lives, but also those of society as a whole. To mark Universal Children's Day on November 20, we will be hosting a forum at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to showcase the contributions of children and young people to social development. Various media will be used to present young Montrealers’ thoughts and observations.

The FGM is proud to present this legacy to all in the Greater Montréal region. We hope that it will continue to be a source of inspiration as Montrealers seek to develop our key resources to ensure children’s involvement, their well-being as well as our own.

Yvan Gauthier
Foundation of Greater Montréal