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Vital Signs 2017 of Greater Montréal's Children: 1st Edition Errata

Errata for the 1st edition of the Vital Signs 2017 and comparison with corrected contents.
·         Page 10, title reads «35, 000 children in Greater Montréal depend on food assistance programs offered by food banks» instead of «35, 000 in Greater Montréal depend of food banks».
·         Page 10, 3rd paragraph reads «Nearly 35, 000 children under 18 received help from food assistance programs each month from Moisson Montréal, Moisson Laval or Moisson Rive-Sud (Table 2.1).» instead of « Nearly 35, 000 under 18 received food assistance each month from Moisson Montréal, Moisson Laval or Moisson Rive-Sud. They represented over one half (59%) of the children receiving food bank support in Quebec in March 2016 (Table 2.1). »
·         Page 10, removal of 4th paragraph reading «In Montréal, in 2015, one parent in five with a least one child under age 6 stated that they had used food banks, clothing banks or other forms of material assistance "often" in the previous 12 months. This proportion was similar to that for the province of Quebec as a whole».
·         Page 20, table 6.1, purple color in the legend associated with "all households" instead of "single".