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May 12, 2020 - For an overview of the foundations and other philanthropic organizations' response to the COVID-19 crisis worldwide, take a look at this evolving directory from the Council on Foundations.

April 23, 2020 - The philanthropic consultancy office BNP has created many resources for organizations affected by the crisis. Visit their website to learn more. In a similar way, the Observatoire des tout-petits has gathered many sources of information and resources to support parents and families as they go through these difficult times (in French).

April 21, 2020
 - The federal government has announced the creation of an Emergency Community Support Fund, which will help the charities and nonprofit organizations that support the most vulnerable of our communities, who are going through difficult times because of the current crisis. The Canadian Red Cross, the Community Foundations of Canada and United Way Centraide Canada, who will work with their respective partners and networks to implement the Fund, applauded the news through this joint statement

FGM's President and CEO, Yvan Gauthier, also welcomed this announcement: "I am very happy with this much-anticipated governmental commitment, which will help meet immediate needs but also build a more resilient society in a real spirit of cooperation, which is essential at this moment". Details will be forthcoming.

April 6, 2020
 - In order to provide support to struggling community organizations, Centraide of Greater Montréal and Dynamo offer free coaching resources and spaces where nonprofits can discuss their organizational challenges in the context of COVID-19. Click here to learn more. Concertation Montréal and the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés du Québec also offer webinars on governance as well as HR management in times of crisis. PAIR and Mission inclusion also created Ripostes, an online space allowing nonprofit workers to share their experiences, challenges and ideas amid these pandemic times.

March 24, 2020
 - In order to follow the new rules put forward by the government and public health authorities, FGM has adapted its plan and decided to close its offices until further notice. Please remember that all staff members remain available, as usual, through email and telephone and that normal operations continue.

Furthermore, for every individual, business or organization needing immediate support because of the effects of COVID-19, or wondering which measures they can benefit from amid these difficult circumstances, each level of government has gathered all relevant information on the following web pages:
Government of Canada :

Government of Québec :
City of Montréal :

March 17, 2020 - Following the recommendations put forward by the provincial and federal governments, we have adapted FGM's workplace practices and formulated a management plan to ensure the continuity of our services and communications with the public.

Specifically, FGM employees will work from home until further notice, except for a few who will go to the office to execute essential tasks that cannot be done remotely. All our meetings will take place online or over the phone. All staff members are available, as usual, either by phone or email. Board and committee meetings will take place as planned in order to maintain our decision-making process. All FGM public events and meetings are immediately suspended; more information on this will be forthcoming.

Donations by cheque will be deposited as usual, and we also accept bank transfers (click here to download the necessary form). As much as possible, we encourage the option of online donations through our website. Stock transfers are already done electronically, and we will continue to issue tax receipts as we normally do.

Our community engagement committee will hold its meetings as planned in order to meet the normal timeline for FGM's Community Initiatives Program. If you have not already sent us your organization's direct deposit information, please do so as soon as possible. We will continue to issue cheques for this month, but we aim to put in place electronic transfers by the end of April.
These measures will not prevent FGM from continuing its work. We understand that the next few weeks might be difficult for many organizations, especially those who offer frontline services to the population, including the most vulnerable in our community. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to support these organizations as broadly as we can.

For any question related to these measures, please communicate with your usual contact person at the Foundation. Like the rest of the Canadian philanthropic community, we will closely follow the events as they unfold in the Greater Montréal area, and we will keep you informed of any development that might have an impact on our activities.
Thank you for your collaboration, be careful and take care of yourself.
Yvan Gauthier
President and CEO
Foundation of Greater Montréal