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2020 Annual General Meeting: FGM opens a new chapter in its history

Montréal, May 21, 2020 – On May 20, the members of the Foundation of Greater Montréal (FGM) gathered – through videoconference – for the organizations's 20th Annual General Meeting. It was an opportunity to take stock of a remarkable year in 2019, but also to look to the future as FGM celebrates its 20-year anniversary and is ready to open a new chapter in its history.
2019 has been a tremendous year for FGM, which surpassed the $345 million mark in assets under management, received contributions of more than $27 million and distributed over $12 million in grants to hundreds of community organizations across Greater Montréal. The number of active funds under the Foundation's roof now stands at about 650. Moreover, the return rate on FGM's and its investment fund's assets reached 14.2% in 2019, very close to the 14.9% record set in 2013. To learn more about this yearly review of FGM's activities, you can download its 2019 Annual Report.
At the meeting, FGM members voted on a new Board of Directors for 2020-2021. Five of its current members were reelected to a new term. They are Kathy Fazel, Suzanne Gouin, Karen Macdonald, Angelina Mehta and Diane Tsonos. Three members who were recruited over the last few months to fill vacancies were also ratified by the assembly; they are Toni Dilli, Frédéric Lavoie and Grace Laing-Hogg. FGM members also expressed their gratefulness towards three outgoing Board members and thanked them for their work and commitment last year; they are Lauréanne Fontaine, Martine Valcin and Pierrette Wong.
Three new administrators were also elected to the Board. These additions will complement the existing team with their diverse profiles and various experiences. Nadine Raymond is the Director General of Intégration Jeunesse du Québec. A seasoned manager with 20 years of experience in operational management, strategic planning, marketing, communications and sales, Ms. Raymond has worked in several types of industries and organizations. Her relationship and communications skills allow her to better comprehend strategic issues and build actionable plans, solve complex problems, and identify as well as nurture the potential of those who surround her. Ms. Raymond is passionate when she is asked to contribute to an organization through her skills and leadership.
Kenny Tang is Chief Compliance Officer with Trans-Canada Capital, and an ESG leader with proven experience in the asset management industry. Mr. Tang is qualified in business risk management, financial risk management, stocks, internal audits and compliance programs. He is a finance professional holding CFA, FRM, CPA and CA titles. He has been a member of Centraide of Greater Montréal's Board of Directors in the past, and just concluded his term as a member of FGM's Investments Committee in 2020.
And finally, Me Nadir André is a Partner at the BLG law firm. He is a member of the Matimekush-Lac John First Nation and has sound experience in Indigenous law. He services many Indigenous clients, as well as corporations seeking to do business with Indigenous communities and Indigenous businesses in Québec and the rest of Canada. Me André is also actively involved in certain comprehensive and specified land claim negotiations in Northern Québec, and specializes in matters connected with natural resource development involving Indigenous communities and businesses in Québec, Newfoundland and Labrador and Northern Ontario.
“I am very happy with the renewed membership of FGM's Board of Directors,” said its Chair, the Hon. Jean-François de Grandpré. “With such a passionate, competent and diverse team, we can and will continue to position the Foundation as a leader in Greater Montréal's philanthropic sector.” Here is the composition of FGM's Board of Directors for 2020-2021:
Hon. Jean-François de Grandpré
Retired Judge
Superior Court of Québec
Kathy Fazel
Vice-President and Investment Counsellor
RBC PH&N Investment Counsel
Me Eric Lapierre
Senior Legal Counsel
Laurent Giguère,
Former Partner
Me Nadir André
Partner and chief, Indigenous Law
Toni Dilli
Partner, Audit
Suzanne Gouin
Corporate Director
Pascal Grenier
President and CEO
Esplanade Montréal
Grace Laing Hogg
George Hogg Family Foundation
Frédéric Lavoie
Karen Macdonald
News Director and Station Manager
Global TV Montréal
Angelina Mehta
Senior Mining Advisor
Paradigm Capital
Nadine Raymond
General Manager
Intégration Jeunesse du Québec
Louis Charles Riopel
Managing Partner
Latitude 45o
Kenny Tang
Chief Compliance Officer
Trans-Canada Capital Inc.
Me Diane Tsonos, TEP

“I also wish, on behalf of the Board, to thank our outgoing President and CEO, Yvan Gauthier. It is largely thanks to Yvan that FGM has become what it is now. In 20 years, but especially over the last seven years with Yvan at the helm, the Foundation has grown into a leading role in the Greater Montréal philanthropic community. I also thank him for having accepted to hold down the fort a little longer than expected, amid the difficult context we are currently living through. Thank you for everything dear Yvan, you will be missed and we wish you all the best for the future”, added Mr. De Grandpré. The identity of FGM's next President and CEO will be made public in the coming weeks.
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Source: Foundation of Greater Montréal
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The Foundation of Greater Montréal (FGM) helps individuals, families and organizations to get involved and support their community by creating funds for selected causes in all sectors. In addition to publishing the Vital Signs of Greater Montréal report, FGM manages the assets of about 650 funds, guides donors and supports community organizations. A member of the Community Foundations of Canada, a network of 191 community foundations, FGM encourages philanthropy as a major driver for well-being in Greater Montréal.