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September 23, 2021

September 22, 2021
List of the members and donors of the Women's Impact Montreal Collective Fund at FGM
The Foundation of Greater Montréal wishes to thank everyone who became a member of the Women’s Impact Montréal (WIM) Collective Fund, or who made a donation.

September 22, 2021
Details about the Women's Impact Montréal (WIM) Collective Fund at FGM
In response to issues affecting women and girls, the Foundation of Greater Montréal is launching this new giving initiative.

September 22, 2021
WIM Fund: Leading Montreal women pave the way for philanthropic support for women and girls
FGM launches a new collaborative philanthropic fund to support the well-being of women and girls in the Greater Montreal area: The Women’s Impact Montreal (WIM) Collective Fund.

August 25, 2021
The Foundation of Greater Montréal teams up with the Center for Sustainable Development
The FGM and the Centre will collaborate, in particular, on Vital Signs of Greater Montreal and will co-organize a series of themed events that will assess where we are at with regards to indicators linked to the SDGs.

June 07, 2021
Projects supported by FGM as part of the Canadian Healthy Communities Initiative
As part of phase 1 of the CHCI, the Foundation of Greater Montréal supported 19 projects to the tune of more than $719,000.

June 07, 2021
CHCI: The Foundation of Greater Montréal supports 19 projects to improve our public spaces
19 local initiatives have been chosen across Greater Montréal and will receive a total of more than $719,000 in grants.

May 27, 2021
Kathy Fazel is the new Chair of the Board of the Foundation of Greater Montréal
The 2021 Annual General Meeting of FGM has allowed for the renewal of the Board of Directors, a overview of the last year and a discussion about the next milestones and projects to come at the Foundation.

May 14, 2021
FGM takes part in the Healthy Communities Initiatives - Phase 2
The Healthy Communities Initiative is a $31 million investment to support communities as they create and adapt public spaces to respond to the new realities of COVID-19.

April 06, 2021
FGM launches the Collective Fund for Climate and the Ecological Transition
The Collective Fund for Climate and Ecological Transition will play a major role in the implementation of practical and effective projects, which will then become models internationally and will solidify our city’s climate leadership position.

March 10, 2021
FGM’s robust growth allows the distribution of record amounts in 2020
Through its participation in COVID-19 emergency funds and grants allocated by its own funds, FGM distributed a total of $33.3M in grants in 2020, a record amount that helped more than 770 charitable organizations or special projects in Greater Montréal.

February 18, 2021
Cyber security incident at FGM
A cyber security incident has taken place at the Foundation of Greater Montréal.

February 12, 2021
FGM Gatherings: The health and well-being of frontline workers
The very first FGM Gathering, organized in collaboration with the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation, will take place on February 24.

February 04, 2021
More than 200 community organizations mobilized for local action plans in the fight against COVID-19
The COVID Québec Consortium invests close to $7 million to curb COVID-19 in Greater Montréal.                                                      

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