Vital Signs 2017 launch

About Vital Signs

Vital Signs is a community check-up conducted by community foundations across Canada that measures the vitality of our communities and identifies significant trends in a range of areas critical to quality of life. Vital Signs is coordinated nationally by Community Foundations of Canada and with special thanks to the Toronto Foundation for developing and sharing the Vital Signs concept.

Vital Signs 2017: what about the Children of Greater Montréal?

I am delighted to invite you to the Foundation of Greater Montréal’s lunch conference, during which I will be presenting key findings from the Foundation’s Vital Signs community survey. The research behind this year’s Vital Signs edition was conducted around with one very specific demographic of utmost importance: our children.

Drawing from the expertise of 30 collaborating organizations that operate in a broad range of areas, such as health - mental and physical -, education, the environment, this report aims at shedding light on the issues our youths face now, and the perspectives they have on them. It also uses indicators inspired by those used by UNICEF. Will our community mobilize to ensure better conditions for our children?

The conference is set to be held on October 3rd. For more information or for reservation, please see the event’s web page, or call 514 871-4001.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Yvan Gauthier
CEO Foundation of Greater Montréal

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